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Making AI

We make AI accessible: Developing pragmatic solutions for people and businesses of all sizes, with simplicity and understandability at the core.

Shape your future with us, where AI takes center stage for individuals and businesses.

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Tailored AI Solutions

Tailored solutions that make AI accessible and redefine efficiency and innovation for SMEs.
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Custom Applications

AI, tangible and directly applicable for individuals and businesses,
with an excellent UX.

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KI Transformation

Our expertise in AI and business ensures companies gain an edge through intelligent strategies.



Efficiency gains through automation

Driven by the need to make AI practical and efficient, we have developed Chataa!. Chataa! is the result of our targeted implementation of use case-based AI, enabling businesses to publish content in seconds – from personalized responses to automated newsletters and social media posts.

AI Empowerment

We make the transformative power of AI accessible to everyone. The Murf Planet application is an outstanding AI solution for parents and children. Children can not only take on the main role in their own bedtime stories and embark on exciting adventures with their friends but also set the desired mood for their stories. This innovative application allows children to learn and relax playfully while we provide them with the tools to unleash their imagination and empower themselves. 


AI as a digital assistant

Redefining childcare - With AI, Murfplanet becomes a "pedagogically" valuable platform that combines the needs of children and parents. MURF assists with the daily challenges of raising your little ones and supports you as a parent with topics such as media usage.

AI-Driven Business

AI Now is your consulting and implementation partner to optimize parts of your business processes and impact landscape using AI. Whether it's tailored online marketing solutions or the integration of AI-generated content and leveraging AI for marketing mechanisms: We provide bundled AI expertise that also understands the business.